1. Ganpatiphule - Weekend Getaway

  1. Useful Information    
  2. Location Type : Beach side Historic Temple
  3. Address : Konkan coast,Maharashtra
  4. State : Maharashtra
  5. Possible Route : Pune-Ratnagiri-Ganpatiphule
  6. Nearest Big City : Pune
  7. Distance from City Center : 331 km
  8. Best Time to Visit : 331 km
  9. Suggested Mode of Transport : Private cars,Buses, Train.
  10. Suitable for : Family,Friends.
  11. Available Food Options : Since Ganapatipule is a pilgrimage destination, non - vegetarian food is a little rare. But on the outskirts of Ganapatipule fish curry, rice and kokam kadhi are available. Vegetable curries are also
  12. Available Accommodation Options : MTDC resorts, Sea view cottages, tents and Konkani houses are also available
  13. About Ganpatiphule
  14. Sparkling blue waters, endless stretches of golden or silver sand, sun beams dancing through the swaying palms, waves playing with the sand dunes, a cool breeze whispering sweet nothing in your ear. This is the land of Ganpatipule, one of Maharashtra's almost virgin beaches.

    Ganapatipule is a small village, serene, sedate and unspoiled. The beach here is still as natural and pristine as ever. And traveling by roads is an experience by itself. The vast "Konkan" stretch abounds with scenic greenery. There are narrow mud-roads, the earth is red and the roofed houses with clean courtyards add a quaint touch to the panorama. The local vegetation includes fruit bearing trees like mango, betelnut, banana, jackfruit, coconut, etc.

    The entire western coast is covered with these trees. The locals are as warm and cheerful as their surroundings. Ever ready to chat with the visitors and make them feel at home.

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