1. Nilkantheshwar - Weekend Getaway

  1. Useful Information    
  2. Location Type : Country Side
  3. Address : On Panshet Road
  4. State : Maharashtra
  5. Possible Route : Pune-Khadakwasla-Donje Phata-Khanapur-Panshet
  6. Nearest Big City : Pune
  7. Distance from City Center : 50
  8. Best Time to Visit : Aug - Dec
  9. Suggested Mode of Transport : Bikes, Cars, Private Buses
  10. Suitable for : Family, Friends
  11. Available Food Options : Please carry your own food.
  12. Available Accommodation Options : Not suitable for stay.
  13. About Nilkantheshwar
  14. Around 50KM from Pune, near Panshet is a hill called Neelkantheshwar. This hill is named due to Lord Shivas temple called Neelkantheshwar. Neelkantheshwar is Lord Shivas name. This place can become really scenic during the monsoon season.

    There are two routes to reach Neelkantheshwar.

    1. Via Panshet -  From Pune-Khadakwasla-Donje Phata-Khanapur you reach to Panshet. Panshet has two dams- Panshet dam and Varasgaon dam. Follow the road to Varasgaon dam. On the way to Varasgaon, a narrow road goes to Neelkantheshwar. Neelkantheswars name is sign posted at the begining of this path. This is a typical Indian country side road and you may expect a bumpy ride while on this road. This route will take you to the base of Neelkantheshwar hill.

    2. In between Khanapur and Panshet, there is a small village, which is situated on the side of a river. There are few boats which can take you across the river into the other village. At a time only 4-5 members can travel in these boats. Neelkantheshwar is around 4 km from this village, which is across the river. One need to cover this 4KM span by walking, this walk however can be really enjoyable.

    If you follow the first route, from the Neelkantheshwar base, you need to climb up the hill for around 30-40 min. The road up the hill is very wide, but is very steep.

    Neelkantheshwar hill is wider in size compared to other surrounding hills. It has a big temple of Lord Shiva at the peak. But the main attraction could be hundreads of sculptures made out of cement or plaster of paris. The sculptures are mainly associated with Hindu mythology. Some historic incidences are also presented through these sculptures, for example, 10 Dashavatars, Ashtavinayakas, story of Bakasur (a monster) - Bhim (One of the five Pandawas) story, Vaali-Sugriv (Ramayana) yuddha, Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Ramdas, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Jesus Christ and so on and many more.

    Sarjemama, a forest ranger, has created these sculptures. He is the same person, who found the Lord Shivas Linga on this hill, and built the temple around it. Sarjemama is also associated with "Vyasan Mukti Abhiyaan" (rehab center). As per few excerpt from the newspaper posted in this temples, Sarjemama rehabilatated around half a million alcoholic people.

    Outside the temple, is a tiny eating place, where you can get Bhel and Sweet Lime juice etc.

    This hill top provides a panaromic view of the surrounding nature. One can see back-water of Panshet, Varasgaon and Khadakvasla dam. Sinhagad fort is also in sight range from here. The view becomes all the more beautiful in the monsoon season.

    This could be a good one day picnic to spend some time away from the busy life of the city!

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