1. Malshej Ghat - Weekend Getaway

  1. Useful Information    
  2. Location Type : Hill Station
  3. Address : Malshej
  4. State : Maharashtra
  5. Possible Route : Mumbai to Malshej Ghat; via Murbad is 154-km. Pune to Malshej Ghat via Alephata; is 125-km and from Alephata to Malshej Ghat it is 39-kms.
  6. Nearest Big City : Pune
  7. Distance from City Center : 125
  8. Best Time to Visit : Aug-Sep
  9. Suggested Mode of Transport : Car, Private Bus, Public Bus
  10. Suitable for : Corporate Teams; Couples; Family; Friends; Trekkers
  11. Available Food Options : Available
  12. Available Accommodation Options : MTDC
  13. About Malshej Ghat
  14. Malshej Ghat is a tourist spot near the city of Pune (125 km) /Mumbai(154 km) in the state of Maharashtra, India. The site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats. Apart from Lonavala -Khandala, Matheran and Mahabaleshwar this is one of the developing hill station in Maharashtra. Malshej Ghat is situated on the borders of Pune , Thane and Ahmednagar districts. A very popular place as it is close to both Pune and Mumbai. Malshej Ghat is vital place in Sahyadri hills and really very attractive when it is under dark clouds and heavy fog. Heavy fog and amazing waterfalls are the spatiality of Malshej Ghat especially in monsoon. The best time to visit is between August and September. At this time of the year, the hills are clothed in a soothing shade of mint green and the weather is cool due to the monsoons. Known for its misty tops and ice cold cascades at this time of the year, the site is a very popular weekend getaway for most of the city's residents at that time of the year.

    For trekkers and hikers, it is a heaven of sorts as the solitude of unending rolling hills provides quite some experience. One can scale the peaks or explore the intricate jungle paths below. The Shivneri Fort is also the birthplace of Shivaji — one of the great past rulers of Maharashtra. Often dense fog covers the peaks of the hills. The site is also devoid of the mad rush of tourists that normally accompanies most other locations near the city.

    The site is home to hundreds of different kinds of flora and fauna especially the avian population such as quails, rails, crakes, flamingos and cuckoos.

    Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation ( M.T.D.C. ) has its resort named Flemingo Hills in Malshej. It is situated in hill station's platue between Harishchandragad and the other hill ranges. A nice view of valleys is one of the major attraction here. One of the beauties here are many waterfalls in the hilly regions. Various waterfalls from small up to the huge ones are really worth to see.

    Malshej Ghat is also famous for dark woods and the animals inside. These animals includes tigers , leopards , rabbits and peacocks etc. But truly a famous place near Malshej Ghat is Khireshwar which is 2/3 kms from rest house. The place is famous for Hemingo birds. These birds comes here every year from Siberia between July and September. Its really an amazing view. Through Khireshwar village, one can visit the famous Harishchandragadh also.

    Truly, Malshej Ghat is one of the popular hill station in Maharashtra because of the beauty of nature, huge ranges of Sahyadri, amazing view of Harishchandragad and many other forts.

    Malshej Ghat is the only hill station where tourists can see the wonder of all the seasons of the year within the span of a single day. The dense green valleys hundreds of cascading waterfalls & fog-smothered massiffs offer tourists a quick getaway from the stress of city life.
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