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To make sure you know your Steaks and your Grills, Mad House Grill will be starting with “Make your Own Grills” every Sunday Afternoon from 12:00 all the way till Steaks Last. Sip on a Cold Kingfisher Beer or have your Beverages made by “Witches and Dogs.” Some mind boggling Mocktails with the smell of the Grill made your very own Johnny Boy. Share your Recipes with us and you never know we might put it up in our Regular Menu but make sure you come up with a good name for it. “So why wait ……… Come chill at the grill, Rest assured a bunch of thrills, Where cheer and laughter spills, At your very own MAD HOUSE GRILL”
You get a feel of the true method of the Arawaks blended with our in-house Sauces At Mad House Grill. For you to know more about your Grill and Steaks we, at Mad House Grill intend to get you up-close with the experience of making your own Grills varying all the way from your very own Grilled Steaks, Grilled Chicken, Mughlai Raan, The Very Famous All American Raan, Roast Raan, Seafood includes BBQ Prawns and our Hot Seller for the Season Fish Cakes.

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  1. Utkarsh

    9th March 2010
  2. Hey Buddy please update your Restaurant Info from time to time..Mad House Grill has already started with Make Your Own Grill not only on Sundays but everyday...All the guests have to do is ask for it More Details

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