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In India, where not all walks of life are very straight forward, each one of us need to struggle and face number of unknowns for a trivial task in a day as well. One such occasion could be - you planning a party or an event. Actually, party or event is for celebrating some sort of happiness but the planning of such an event could easily exhaust you. In order to have a great party, you as a host, would end up searching for perfect and quality services required, struggle to manage your budget, ensure things are in place and in order, and in all this you end up spending so much energy that on the day of celebrating the happiness you actually feel very tiered.

PartyPotato.com is committed to make your moment-of-happiness a real enjoyable and stress free moment. We want to take all the stress of planning the party away from you and want to make your each event a great event and that too Effortless! At PartyPotato.com, we are trying to assist you by providing all the information required to plan a great party right at your desk. Right from... budgeting, venue, decoration, food, invitation, music.... to post event coverage, you name it and you will find it right here! And yes, all this information is available for FREE. We will ensure that to plan that kid's Birthday party, Get-together, Baby Shower or a Team Lunch, you do not need to leave your desk and do not need to go into that traffic and hot sun and wonder the town for a good deal or make those number of phone calls to find that particular service provider. We promise to offer you all that information for free and at the comfort of your home or office desk!
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